What is a PBX?

If VoIP is the technology used to connect the phone to our system. Then a Virtual PBX is the system itself. Do you remember the old black or white box mounted on the wall in your telco closet? That is a PBX. We have taken similar technology, merged with decades newer technology and created the SureTel Virtual PBX. This is our cloud based brain so to speak. All phone and devices connect back to the Virtual PBX for orders on what to do. 

Instead of having this PBX brain in your closet it is sitting in the Google Cloud. This give us unrivaled reliability often exceeding 99.999%. No longer are the days of having a telephone technician out to move a phone. Now all you do is login to our portal, change a name and that information is automatically passed down to the phone. Moving a phone? Even easier just unplug and plug in to another internet jack in the other room. Our system doesn’t care what internet you are on. So long as you can reach Google from your computer your phone can reach our Virtual PBX.


Is SureTel Reliable?

Absolutely, we take great pride in keeping our system up and running. We also publicly post any issue we come across and what the resolution was on our status page. Keeping you and your users in the loop. You can see the historical and current avaialbility of SureTel anytime at

SureTel VoIP is hosted in the Google Cloud. SureTel operates clusters in multiple regions to ensure optimal availability. SureTel only uses Prime Direct Calling Routes to ensure the top call quality on every call. We also use redudant partner carriers to ensure we have multiple streams to every location in the world. 

Here is a glimps in to our network. The Blue phones are our Google servers and Red Circles are our Point of Pressence essential call routing stations.

What Are SureTel Top Features?

Voicemail to Email

Unlimited Calling in USA and Canada

Call Follow you from Desk to Mobile

Answer or Manage Calls from your Computer


Call Screening – Know if it is a Work Call Before you Answer

Apps All Over – Android, iOS, Chrome


SMS Support – With Shared SMS Queues for Multiple Users

Still have Questions?

We believe in a hands on approach with our customers. We are always available to discuss your particular situation or give you a demo of our platform. We know once you see it you will be impressed too. Call us at 833-SURETEL(787-3835) or click below to schedule a call.