SureTel Delivers High-Quality VoIP Telephone Services To Florida Organization  

SureTel is a top-rated company that delivers high-quality IT support in Portland. It is the only Portland IT support company that promises guaranteed results and no contracts at all. You can try it for a month with no contracts or obligations. If you do not enjoy the services, you don’t need to continue using their services.

VoIP Telephone Services

SureTec delivers reliable VoIP telephone services to organizations in Florida. The benefits of their services to companies include the following:

Low Cost-Per-Call

As the name suggests, VoIP telephone systems take advantage of Internet Protocol when making calls. All communication is sent through the IP network rather than telephone lines. Your business’s IP network could be an IP connection sent to your service provider, your Internet connection, or a mix of both. When placing a call over traditional phone lines, both you and the person you wish to reach take up the line. Since only a limited number of lines can be installed, placing calls over landlines can be costly. However, using the Internet could make things much easier. Using VoIP, you can make both long-distance and domestic calls free of charge.


SureTec delivers VoIP phone services to businesses that are looking for versatile features. The ability to multi-task may improve your productivity. You can easily forward voicemail and messages to multiple people with just one click. You may add or remove features depending on what is important to you. VoIP telephone systems evolve with your business.

Service Mobility

VoIP services are great for remote businesses. They will go with you wherever you want. With traditional phone systems, you cannot enjoy that benefit. If a line is assigned to a business, it has a unique phone number. If you need to move, you have to transfer the number to a new location. The process is lengthy and frustrating. Consider using a VoIP phone system to eliminate physical limitations.


One of the most common concerns when using a VoIP is that when the internet is down, your ability to make calls is limited as well. However, this is not always something to be concerned about. With the ability to decide where your calls are forwarded, power outages do not need to interfere with your productivity.

Simple Conference Calls

All calls made through VoIP phone systems use converged data networks and not dedicated phone lines. They are, therefore, great for conference calls. Even though you can make conference calls with traditional phone lines, you may need to pay extra for conference calls. With VoIP, conference calls are an extra benefit for your services.

Better Client Interaction

In the modern economy, businesses have branches in all parts of the world. While it is a great thing, there may be a few challenges in holding meetings. VoIP phone services make it easy to hold your meetings. You have control over how and where your calls ring. If you don’t answer calls, they may be transferred to another one of your devices. You no longer have to miss calls. You no longer need to wait to forward essential documents; you may e-fax essential documents instead of waiting several days to use a fax machine.

Need Assistance?

If you need help from SureTel, contact the customer service representatives, and they will get back to you with the help you need within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, you can get answers from the SureTec website or on the phone. SureTec does not only focus on the Portland area but also in the surrounding areas. Some benefits of working with SureTel include proactive maintenance, cybersecurity monitoring, flat-rate billing, and best practice management.

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