What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is a reliable all digital form of communicaiton. It is actually even used in most cell phones today. VoIP open up a new world with the work phone connecting you to the world away from your desk. VoIP allows you to use your desk phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

SureTel has taken a mature industry and added a new twist by going back to the pricing model of the original office phone system. What this does is allows our customers to share phone lines rather than have one phone line per phone. We all know phone is necessary but it also isn’t always the primary form of communication in our businesses.

What Makes SureTel Different?


SureTel will save you money. With our old school pricing structure you get unlimited extension and only pay for the simultaneous calls you need. Overall most of our customers save thousands of dollars a year.

Available Everywhere:

With VoIP you are no longer tethered to your desk or giving out your cell phone number to clients. You can take back control and use one number everywhere. Traveling the world… Heck you can even take your desk phone to a hotel if you really wanted.


No longer are the days of calling a phone repair man out to move an extension. Now it is done through a web portal with a few clicks. You are back in control of your phone system.


SureTel is adaptable. Using our team of developers we can create custom connections to almost any application. Our goal is to unify your work force and help your organization become as efficient as possible.

What Are SureTel Top Features?

Voicemail to Email

Unlimited Calling in USA and Canada

Call Follow you from Desk to Mobile

Answer or Manage Calls from your Computer


Call Screening – Know if it is a Work Call Before you Answer

Apps All Over – Android, iOS, Chrome


SMS Support – With Shared SMS Queues for Multiple Users

Still have Questions?

We believe in a hands on approach with our customers. We are always available to discuss your particular situation or give you a demo of our platform. We know once you see it you will be impressed too. Call us at 833-SURETEL(787-3835) or click below to schedule a call.